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Technology Solutions
To Keep You In Control
Of Your Business

Electronic Payments

We are distributors of the latest point-of-sale payment products and services, and are specialists in systems installation, encryption and key injection

Supply Chain & AIDC Solutions

Specializing in barcoding and RFID systems, we offer software and hardware solutions to help automate your supply chain and improve your bottom line

Workforce Solutions

We provide a powerful mobile software platform that offers asset tracking, employee time clocks and jobsite management for the mobile workforce

Managed Services Provider

From product installation to training your employees, we provide services to support, maintain, and manage your valuable computing assets

Our Business Units

Electronic Payments

Asset Tracking Solutions

Mobile Workforce Software

Managed Services

Control-Solutions is strongly invested in offering an unrivaled selection of managed services, innovative capabilities to manage your IT operations and lower the risk of costly outages. Our 50,000 sq foot facility in Louisville, KY, serves as the hub of our managed services activities, which include equipment repair,  mobile device management, product configuration & deployment, advanced exchange, e-waste disposal, custom packaging and warranty management.

Each of our business units is focused on providing these services to our customers in the pursuit of the complete management and support of your hardware and software assets.

Some Of Our Partnerships